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    Loft Conversion - FAQ's

    1. Can my loft be converted?

    Yes generally most Roof spaces can be converted, there are many styles of Loft conversion to help achieve this.

    2. I have a trussed roof. Can my loft still be converted?

    Yes, we are industry leaders in this type of construction. In fact these make some of the largest Loft conversions rooms.

    3. What type of loft conversion would suit my property?

    Generally most houses lend themselves to a particular style, whether it be a Hip to gable or Dromer with En-suite. In some larger houses the pr-fabbed roofs are easily converted with just VELUX windows, requiring no roof alterations/ additions. Ultimately we design the Loft to meet your requirements where possible.

    4. Will I need planning permission?

    Generally planning is not required for a Loft conversion, see our planning guidance page (Click to page) We supply a lawful development certificate as standard, which is approval from planning that the Loft Conversion is permitted development.

    5. Do I need building regulations?

    Yes - all loft conversions require building regulations. We organise all of this for you and provide a completion certificate for the works. It is an essential document for when you come to sell your home.

    6. Do I need to get any drawings done?

    We generally always get drawings made up for both yourself and planning/ certificate of lawfulness. A certificate of lawfulness is approval from planning that your loft meets all the permitted development guidelines. This is particularly recommended for hip to gables that are usually near to the 50m3 allowance for permitted development. Hip to gables have recently started to include any existing roof extensions into the square meter volume, which in many cases would mean these conversions may need planning. With a certificate of lawfulness you have the design passed by planning, without all the hassle of a planning application.

    7. What about the water tanks in my loft?

    These will need to be moved, sometimes they can be worked into the job but usually they need to go. This can be achieved by installing a new combination boiler, or more preferably in most instances by swapping the existing vented cylinder to a non vented pressurised cylinder to achieve fantastic water pressure throughout the house.

    8. Can I view your work?

    We have a long list of customers in your area, that welcome viewings of their Loft Conversions. We are very fortunate to have met so many fantastic customers.

    9. How long will the work take?

    Most loft conversions take 5-8 weeks, depending on their size and details like bathroom tiling etc.

    10. Are you experienced?

    Yes - we have over 20 years of experience in converting Loft Conversions

    11. Are you insured?

    Yes - we have Public Liability insurance up to £5 million pounds.

    12. How quickly can work commence?

    Generally, once approval is met by the Local authority work can be commenced within 2-3 weeks.

    13. Can you guarantee the quality of your work?

    Our work is guaranteed for 10 years. We have so many references from happy customers from over the years, we welcome you to view/ discuss with our previous customers their experiences of working with us.

    14. Will you arrange all electrical and plumbing work?

    We have a full time plumber; this enables us to act immediately with any plumbing requirements and eliminate any waiting times for sub contractors to arrive. We only use one company for electrics, they have wired over 300 Loft Conversions for us over the years. They are extremely reliable and experienced in the systems we use. This experience limits their required time on site to just 2 days first and second fix.

    15. I'd like to proceed. What do I need to do?

    Simply give us a call or email us now.

    16. Is my roof high enough?

    Realistically if you have 2.3 meters from the ceiling to the underside of your ridge a loft Conversion is possible. We have many examples of working with these lower height Lofts, it’s where the experience and knowledge of structural elements are critical.

    17. Would I need to move out during the process?

    In a word - no. The bulk of the work is done through the roof with minimal disruption to your normal lifestyle.

    18. What is your Complaints Policy?

    If you are not fully satisfied with our work, you may email us on: [email protected]